Velvet House

Horoscope Script Charm Necklace - Gold


Horoscope constellation pendant necklace with pouch. Length 14" with 3" extension.

Aries-Adventurous, enthusiastic and confident.

Aquarius -Friendly, honest and original. 

Cancer-Emotional, intuitive and imaginative.

Capricorn-Practical, disciplined and ambitious.

Gemini-Adaptable, versatile and witty.

Leo-Generous, creative and loving.

Libra-Romantic, charming and sociable.

Pisces-Intuitive, compassionate and sensitive.

Sagittarius-Intellectual, straightforward and philosophical.

Scorpio-Determined, emotional and passionate.

Taurus-Patient, reliable and determined.

Virgo-Reliable, practical and intelligent.

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