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Constellation Pendant Necklace - SIlver


Horoscope constellation pendant necklace with pouch. Length 14" with 3" extension.

This is the most perfect personalized gift to your bestie or yourself. Layer it with others. Layer it with both gold and silver. 

Aries-Adventurous, enthusiastic and confident.

Aquarius -Friendly, honest and original. 

Cancer-Emotional, intuitive and imaginative.

Capricorn-Practical, disciplined and ambitious.

Gemini-Adaptable, versatile and witty.

Leo-Generous, creative and loving.

Libra-Romantic, charming and sociable.

Pisces-Intuitive, compassionate and sensitive.

Sagittarius-Intellectual, straightforward and philosophical.

Scorpio-Determined, emotional and passionate.

Taurus-Patient, reliable and determined.

Virgo-Reliable, practical and intelligent.

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